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No other houseboat company can match our service! Look what we offer FREE of charge.

  • A tow-behind fishing boat(since a tow-behind boat & motor are required, you may bring your own, or use our boat and bring/rent a motor for it)
  • Courtesy delivery each Monday and Friday on the lake
  • Rigid towing system for all boats
  • Spot guide service for the first four miles of the houseboat trip to orientate you to the buoy system and map reading
  • Houseboat docking by our spot guides on all return trips from Marker 10 to our docks
  • Shuttle service to and from International Falls Airport

We are not the largest houseboat operation but we are the BEST in customer service! Just arrive at Northernaire and we will have our dock personnel take care of all your worries.

We require a 3-day minimum stay.

What boats are you interested in?