U Price It

Name your price and save on your trip

If you are game for a spur of the moment vacation, call 800.854.7958 for the availability of the houseboat you are interested in and fill in the form to the right for your last minute reservation. If we have an opening within 10 days of when you call us, you can give us a reasonable bid on what you would pay for the open houseboat.

We will respond quickly to you via email or phone call. Once your bid has been accepted, we will call you for your credit card information*. Your credit card will be charged for the full amount to hold your reservation. You can then start packing!

These reservations are non-refundable, however if you have a last minute change of plans, you may have someone else of your choosing use your vacation time. Sometimes spur of the moment outings are the most exciting. We will surely try to make your vacation a happy one.

What boats are you interested in?